Thursday, May 17, 2012

sugar freedom: day seven

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May 5, Saturday
[from my post on MOMYS]

[another mother wrote]:  "Did you know that sugar changes the acidity in your stomach, so that you don't absorb the nutrients you're getting nearly as well?  That's why it has such a bad effect on allergies and immunity."
That is yet another clue in the puzzle of my health (or lack thereof).  Despite getting ample iron in my diet, I still take an iron supplement.  The chiropractor/nutritionist I saw for a few months last year said I am having trouble absorbing iron for some reason.  He couldn't figure out why, though, and wanted me to cut out all dairy, sugar, honey, garlic, onion, pepper, and wheat.  Naturally I balked.  That's way too many things for a busy mom on a tight budget to cut out all at once!

But if sugar is the culprit, I bet I'm going to see a lot of changes, from allergies to energy to RLS (restless legs syndrome) - all of which are affected by iron levels and immune function.

I'm excited!

So grateful to be on the road to recovery. (ahhhh ... maybe that's why they call it "Radiant Recovery" ... !)

[later that day...]

My understanding from the "Sugar: the Bitter Truth" (on youtube) is that chronic exposure to sugars is the biggie and unless you're sugar-sensitive (see, the occasional sweet treat is not a death sentence.

So while my Farmer and I learn to get along without sugar (mostly), we are still letting the children have the candy that somehow comes to them (grandma?!), and I plan to bake cake for their birthdays.  I will probably even have a piece, myself (although I will be recording what it does to me in my food journal, and maybe that will be the last piece of cake I eat for awhile!!).

This going without sugar ... it kind of feels like waking up to myself again.

I like it.


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