one thousand gifts

Thank you, Ann Voskamp, for opening your life to us all and giving us the challenge to be grateful.  Here's my tribute, my own refrain of praise, my eucharisteo.  (Perhaps you'll add your own?  ...the comment box is open now.)

#1000 - see the last gift

# 990-999
            introducing my children to the powerful dance, song, & history of Disney's Newsies
            caffeine after a late night
            Sugar's gold and silver embroidery floss
            electric lights and pellet fire for a rainy day
            little boy, hands in toddler pockets, trotting
            Lil' Snip's "pum-um" for "poem"
            an hour of prayer, sweet fellowship
            that when I scolded "Hop to it!", she hopped (literally)
            his soft littleboy cheek next to mine, looking at a book:  "See!!"
            even his cool little hand brushing my kiss away, already a reflex

# 980 - 989
            movies to choose from
            how everything is picturesque, viewed through eyes of contentment
            love - and good paint - covers a multitude of sins:  thank you, my Farmer, for the bright new life you gave to the back kitchen's ceiling!
            having nature flotsam on my table
            finding crocus buds - one white and one gold
            Lil' Snip getting down on his knees to see them better
            drumming to hymns
            raindrop music
            learning the art of cajolery ... and patience
            keeping pace with my intrepid adventurer

# 970 - 979
            the photographic Sunprint paper that almost worked - might work
            girlfriends being real - "she ain't heavy - she's my sister!"  (apologies to Glennon)
            grace for a sister's sin
            simple pleasure - visual-tactile - of shadowshapes
            a half-hour nap while the big ones play in the next room!
            conquering Lil' Snip's lunchtime funk with a game for his sisters:  he got interested in spite of himself!
            beauty of a sweetgum ball
            crepe myrtle seedpods
            Lil' Snip hugging me back!
            picking up where I left off

# 960 - 969
            falling, and knowing it won't change His love for me
            sunshine, again, still
            a family intact
            loving and being loved by my imperfect church family
            homemade sugar scrub
            passing on the giving
            buds pushing on the Meyer lemon:  promise of perfume
            sitting on the step to the sunporch, flooded with sunlight
            new leaves on the pomegranate - ruddy-tipped green
            kumquats:  little cheery orbs, a smiley-face of a fruit

# 950 - 959
            old jeans, fitting again
            Hinds' Feet, a book to bring grateful tears
            being loved anyway, by Him who knows all the "anyways"
            decades-neglected "back kitchen" cupboards, freshly painted
            the adoration in Lil' Snip's voice, addressing his sisters
            joy of giving
            talking to someone who knows what it's like
            plowing through discouragement's dark maze, somehow
            Lil' Snip's "Cump!" leading me to a children's hymnsing, and then:  "Dance!"

# 940 - 949
            big pale morningmoon
            windows open to the sunporch, letting in some of that 100* F
            husband home
            being hungry for my meals
            Lil' Snip bring me puppy boots - " 'side?"
            a decade of parenting, gone like that
            lying on the hammock in February
            the first dandelion
            daffodil-yellow, the exact color of love-received-trustingly

# 930 - 939
            oregano oil - a chance to heal?
            a transformed friend:  God really works!!
            the magic of electrical wiring, and that my Farmer is a magician
            a light in the closet
            a night of sound sleep
            humor on the unlikely subject of punctuation
            that feelings aren't fact
            warmth on a wintry morning
            duct tape Bible cover
            giving the firstfruits

# 920 - 929
            my laundry folded by another's serving hands
            well-trained children
            the work that it takes, training me too
            my patient, humble Father joyously about His work
            friends, old and new
            all their undiscovered facets
            that I "have never met a mere mortal" (C. S. Lewis)
            God's heart, broken for His lost children, searching, wooing - using you and me?
            this list, so soon accomplished
            that numbers never end

# 910 - 919
            Lil' Snip begging for " 'nother onion soup!"
            Nice playing "Edelweiss" on the Fisher Price windup record player to put me to sleep
            Amazon Prime (free trial)
            Lil' Snip coming to me for a (RARE!!) snuggle, saying "sleep"
            parenting encouragement from the Bobbsey Twins
            paring down, paring down
            being conservative (the new radical)
            a mom who smiles in the midst of chaos - A, you inspire me
            anticipation of a pretty Bible (Take II)
            bananas - sweet creamy morning treat from the tropics

# 900 - 909
            even the pain of falling back to "normal"
            that my Farmer's home, easing the transition
            clay play
            absorbing her anger with love
            her turnaround:  God's grace
            loquacious Lil' Snip's exploding lexicon
            my Farmer's productivity tear
            him loving me while I loaf
            my Farmer seeing good in me
            snow, the best kind:  slow-falling, road-melting, tree-sticking, magic-making fairyland snow

# 890 - 899
            that truffle torte, to welcome us (thank you, J!)
            lead crystal
            pool of candlelight
            pounding hooves
            good books
            welcoming smiles
            fellowship meal food

# 880 - 889
            that the government is on His shoulders, not mine
            laying it down, giving it up, dying to self
            gaining life
            Spice, fighting frustration, and winning!
            clean sheets, blessedly soft
            beauty, because He didn't have to (or did He?  Beauty cannot create ugly, can it...)
            that while we ran home for the humidifier, he fell asleep
            worship music, a great cloud of witnesses
            mint chocolate chip ice cream
            oasis of quiet

# 870 - 879
            the perverse satisfaction of all those zigzags
            hot spice tea
            his fever, gone as quickly as it came
            a friend with a pie and a hug
            prayers of the saints
            duct tape for a wart
            the enormous power and privilege of asking
            beauty of less
            gratitude in a girl
            getting it right, sometimes

# 860 - 869
            Sugar fixing Spice's brand-new (and newly broken) bike horn
            warm corn tortillas with melty muenster
            a week's worth of suppers planned
            sacrifice's searing pleasure
            freedom of submission
            children who beg for sauerkraut
            playing charades
            (imitating the children)
            that I know how to mend jeans

# 850 - 859
            little boy sleeping
            new flannel sheets (good ones, this time!)
            attitude of abundance
            choosing to take a nap and ignore "all the possibilities"
            "eating" water for a snack
            standing firm
            living faith out, simply
            not having to understand it all
            the chiropractor for his neck
            out-of-the-blue offers:  grandma keeping the children for a weekend, friends offering their new "retreat"

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